A Breakfast Visual - About Me, Tory.

Hello, well heres a little refresher. The guy behind all of this, the pictures, the designs, the site itself and basically everything except these pictures below (even though you'll see I am the model, and she let me edit them personally) is me, Tory Breakfast. Let me tell you a little something about me. I'm 24, a college student at Arizona State - GO SUNDEVILS! - and I started this brand for one reason. That reason being, to change my local community. As I've moved across state lines in Arizona to Ohio, my brand grew a small loyal following in Bowling Green, then moving back to Arizona last year it grew some more in Phoenix, and now 4 months ago I moved to Savannah, GA and the following has begun to grow. I haven't really written much on myself or why I started this since well... I started it so here is a refresher. I chose to name my brand Breakfast Supply™ after the intent of knowing the brand was to donate portions to local food banks in the area, be it primarily St. Mary's in Phoenix and Second Harvest in Savannah. The name stuck with me because of the fact that the most important meal of the day is Breakfast. Now onto to my logo, Holly. She is a rooster named after my favorite actress Audrey Hepburn, in her role in you guessed it, Breakfast at Tiffany's. I chose a rooster for a couple reasons, one for the simple connection to breakfast and it being the first thing you hear when you wake up, well that's actually it. I almost exclusively shoot only my friends, so these models you see are just normal friends that I've made through this time, and let us not forget that the reason this brand is doing how it is doing (I can't wholeheartedly say great as the move is causing growing pains) is because of you, so if you head on over to the shop and cop yourself some gear I won't say no. ;)

PS Kaitlyn Vital is a splendid friend and great photographer, so be her friend too.