RJ Warr Visuals X Breakfast Supply #Savage Series

What's good everyone? This is a series of photos done by the Riley Warr and his pals Marisa and Nicole (who are a real life couple ya feel?) rocking what you could get in the Mystery Box set ONLY! Now where do I start? I typically rant on as per usual on my time with the girls and what it was like taking the pictures and thanking them for being super awesome. This time I'm still thanking them for being super awesome, but one thing I really appreciate is that they are being themselves. Breakfast has this look that most people associate with, but to be honest for me it's never been about pinning myself as this or that but rather showing you guys the multitude of options you can be in my shirts. Now this is exactly what I told Riley to capture and he didn't disappoint. This group of pals did more than enough for me to be beyond satisfied with the end result and again may open doors for shoots that I would not have done myself without a little push. So thanks to Riley, Marisa, and Nicole for absolutely killing it in my home of Phoenix while I'm away in Ohio. You can get yours off the shop here! Enjoy!