#Rowdy Limited Collection

I think since the last time Brett Parker shot my collection I was just a new person trying to start an idea. His support since the start pushed me to be a good photographer and improve on myself. It would be only fit that the collection I decided to model in was shot by him and his partner for this shoot Luke Yeager.

This set holds a special place in my heart. It's one of my favorite spots in Phoenix, shot with some of my best friends. This set included myself, Davis Carpenter, Katy Mclernon, Amy Salman, and Dani Joslin. They've been with me since before the brand "took off" so I only found it fair to have just a couple original supporters of mine finally get their chance in front of the lens. I was seeing emotions and ideas that I had never really thought of before, getting movements, jokes, seriousness, all of it to give it that Breakfast Style twist. I think it was mostly due to trust, we were able to produce amazing results.