Behind The Scenes: Throwback Product Shoot

Well, this month I chose to make a throwback collection of refreshed old designs with minor updates and use the people I love the most: my best friends. They were with me from the start and they we all original models from the start, I had to use them again for this. Below was just some fun outtakes from the product shots were they just had fun. It was all not serious and honestly thats what  I love about these photos. They couldn't have turned out better.

Each of them had to say,

"I used to model, can't you tell? Just kidding, but seriously, its always fun to be around you and this brand is no exception, I would do it again in a heartbeat." - John Collard (Classic Collection Model)

"It's crazy to look back at how far you've come since the beginning of this, I didn't imagine it would be here today and I would love to do it again soon" - Athena Rodriguez (Krispy and Klean Collection Model)

"It was rad. *drops mic*" - Tony Mikhalets (Fall Collection 2013 Model)