Featured: DailyTiffany.com

Oh hey guys, so recently we spoke with a great person, like really great, her name was Tiffany, not only did she surprise me with a rad feature on her blog, she even managed to get one of the shirts from this November collection and shoot her shots with it. (which I must say are B-E-A-UTIFUL) and wrote a little piece, which is below;

"Today Julie and I went to Downtown Phoenix looking for some new places for photos. We drove past a cute little restaurant with this bright blue vintage car and had to stop to take pictures. Today's post is not my usual. Today I am supporting Breakfast Supply. Tory Vazquez started Breakfast Supply a little over a year ago with the intention of bringing awareness to the less fortunate and ability to aide through the purchase of garments. Every purchase helps with 10% of the proceeds being donated to The Honey Foundation. Both Breakfast Supply and The Honey Foundation are locally ran here in Phoenix, AZ. The shirt I am wearing is part of the November line which was the Technicolor collection. Breakfast Supply has a new line come out every month with limited supply of each design. This month's collection is almost sold out but they have a new line coming out in a few weeks for December! "

Those kind words meant a lot to me, and I would love for you guys to check her out, well ladies rather because her style is... ON POINT.